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Silicone Rubber ‘O’ Ring

Silicone Rubber O Rings offers it’s wide range of O-rings from 6.0 mm ID to 300 mm ID from its 1000 single piece moulds.

Silicone Rubber O Rings are manufactured on a hydraulic press with tightly controlled temperature, Pressure and time which ensures accurate dimensions, glossy finish, invisible flash line, properly post cured nd absolutely defect free.

These O-rings are also manufactured as per the dimensional tolerance specified by the customers and available from Neoprene, EPDM, Viton, Silicone Rubber or in any other rubber as per customers specification.

We also manufacture Viton O-Rings upto 1000 mm ID or in any sizes through step moulding process which gives joint less O-Rings of dimensionally accurate and excellent workmanship and finish.

STAR POLYMER has successfully developed endless gasket in various sizes from 300 mm ID to 900 mm ID and thickness is 3 mm to 12 mm,excellent finish, accurate dimension, outstanding workmanship is assured. Our o-rings are used for membrane Filter Holder, Filter housings, Heat Exchangers, RMG Discharge Port, Pneumatic Cylinders and other sealing applications.

Silicone (VMQ)
Working Temperature Range : -60°C to +200°C
Silicon Rubber has great cold flexibility as well as high thermal resistance. It has excellent de-electric properties and very good resistance to attack by oxygen, ozone and sunlight. It has poor strength & tear resistance to mineral oils.
Chemical properties
Excellent resistance to air, oxygen, hot and cold water, lower alcohols and vegetable oils. Good resistance to heat, weathering, and water/glycol hydraulic fluids, excellent electrical properties. General industrial applications are often limited by high gas permeability, low tensile strength and poor resistance to tear and abrasion.
Chloroprene (CR)
Working Temperature Range : -20°C to +120°C
CR often known by the name neoprene its chief characteristics is flame retardency, excellent ageing properties in ozone and weather environments along with resistance to abrasion and flex faitigue. It is good resistance to mineral oils with high aniline point, greases refrigerants and water.
Chemical Properties
CR compounds will give satisfactory service in many media, including mineral lubricating oils and greases, silicone oils and greases, dilute acids and alkalis, and some solvents.
They are also largely unaffected by sunlight and atmospheric ageing. These general purpose elastomers are widely used for their chemical resistance and aging characteristics.