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Silicon Rubber Cord / Bush

Our Silicone Rubber Cords are round cross-sectioned extrusions which are generally used for gasketing and often joined end-to-end to make O Rings.
We offer specially made rubber cords for

  • High Heat Resistance: Usable up to 250 Degree Celsius
  • Oil / Fuel / Acid Resistance: For use in extreme conditions
  • Excellent Weather / UV resistance: For long product life
  • Fire Resistance: Self Extinguishing Cords for Fire Safety/Low Flammability
  • Food Grade Applications: FDA/BgVV/USP Class VI/WRAS Compliant

Choice of Elastomers:

Silicone Rubber
Silicone Rubber Sponge
EPDM Rubber
EPDM Rubber Sponge
Nitrile Rubber
Viton® (Fluoroelastomer)

Sizes offered

From 1 mm – 50 mm OD. Larger sizes can be made against order.

Range of Hardness (Shore A)

35 Shore A to 90 Shore A

Colours Offered

Standard: Transparent, Translucent, Black, Red, White and Grey.

Customized Colours can also be offered against order.

Manufacturing Process

We manufacture Rubber Cords in our state-of-the-art Cold Feed Extruders and Continuous Vulcanization Extrusion Lines. The entire setup is fully automated and computer controlled, which enables us to deliver:

  • Very Accurate Dimensions: Computerized controls of the machine enable us to offer our customer excellent dimensional accuracy in the material
  • Uniform Vulcanization / Curing of the Material: Since Vulcanization / Curing is being done as a continuous process rather than in a batch process, the material quality is better and more consistent.
  • Excellent Surface Finish: We offer excellent surface finish in the Cord.
  • Bend-less Extrusions: Due to the continuous curing process, the material is absolutely straight, without any bend, twist in the Cord. This increases ease of fitment.

Our organization is passionately engaged in offering an exclusive array of Silicone Rubber Cord to the customers at very affordable rates within committed period of time.

Solid & Sponge Cord (Round & Square)


  • Easy to use
  • Crack resistance
  • Attractive design
  • Easy to install
  • Various shapes
  • Multi size