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Polypropylene Balls

Polypropylene Balls is a thermoplastic polymer, which produces by the chemical industry and used widely over the years.


  • They have good thermal insulation so the heat loss and the evaporation (up to 90%) can be reduced, so for example, in swimming pools up to 80% reduce the cost of heating and ventilation
  • Buildings’ heating, ventilation costs can be reduced
  • It resistances to acids, alkalis and different chemicals, does not absorb the liquid
  • Effective against acid gases (eg, copper refineries)
  • They help to prevent icing and favorably affects the freezing point
  • Odors and fog humidity formation beneficial effects on, so effective moisture barrier and thermal closing can be formed
  • The surface around 91% covered by them
  • Maintenance is not necessary, use simply, they are kept clean themselves
  • Black ball is suitable for UV filtering
  • It has low weight, it repels dirt, it has low moisture absorption
  • Hollow polypropylene balls are suitable for use up to 104 ° C
  • Efficient use of fluidised equipment (eg, the flow of gas)
  • Specific gravity is lower than the HDPE balls, so more economically
  • To prevent algae growth
  • Size of balls ranging from 19 to 150 mm, and on-demand colours available on request


  • Very resistant to most acids and alkalies, Polypropylene Balls are useful for vapor and evaporation shields in electrolytic solutions. Because their Specific Gravity is less than water, they are excellent for liquid level float applications.

Available Size :

  • 16 mm
  • 19 mm
  • 25 mm
  • 38 mm
  • 40 mm
  • 53 mm
  • 81 mm

* Price mentioned is for illustrative purpose ; its depend up on size.