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FBD Inflatable Gasket

We bring the most advantageous deal for the Inflatable Gaskets wholesale. We present all sorts of Silicon Inflatable Gaskets which all are 100% safe. Dependableness and lastingness are some of the assay-marks our products like Extruded Rubber Gasket

STAR POLYMER’s FBD Inflatable Gaskets functions like a cycle tube. When inflated, it seals the bowl and ensures proper sealing. It is being made up of Transparent Silicone Rubber / Neoprene Rubber. These gaskets are inflated by 6-10 mm when 4 Kg pressure is applied in Silicone rubber and inflated by 2 Kg pressure in case of Neoprene rubber. These gaskets are used mainly in Food and Beverage/Dairy/Pharma/Chemical industries.

Salient Features:

  • It provides leak proof closure, yet allows clearance when needed.
  • Leak proof property at joint and nozzle.
  • Our Inflatable gaskets have very good property of inflating and deflating at joint and nozzle.

SP’s FBD Inflatable gaskets are manufactured from MOC like food Grade transparent silicone rubber. This gasket operates like a cycle tube that can be inflated to accommodate a variable sealing gap. This gasket is inflated by 14 mm when 2 kg pressure is applied.

These three gaskets are normally used in fluid bed dryer as Inflatable gaskets:

      • Product container top & Retarding chamber I.e. P.C. Top gasket (40mm x 22mm)
      • Product container lifting I.e. P.C. Bottom gasket (40mm x 22mm).
      • Finger Bag sealing gasket ( 50 mm x 20 mm ).

These gaskets for Alliance model for GMP 60kg, GMP 120kg, GMP 200 kg & GMP 250 kg are readily available with us. Also, we can manufacture as per customer’s specification.

Information required for your valued enquiry :

    • Type of Gasket (Top, Bottom or Finger Bag).
    • ID of Gasket.
    • MOC of Gasket and Nozzle size If special requirement Is there.
    • Make & capacity of FBD I.e. Model no.


  • Airlock door seals and shaft seals.
  • Inflatable door and valve seals.
  • Food Processing Equipments.
  • Sterilizers.
  • Fluid bed processors.
  • Fluid bed dryers.
  • Oven door seals.
  • Industrial Washing and Extractor Machines.
  • Powder and gel handling machines.
  • Door seals in various machineries.
  • Material Conveyors.